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Order what you want Monday-Wednesday until 10 PM MST: the entire menu is open
Orders are Processed, entrées are made fresh
Pick up/Delivery within a 3 mile radius is Saturdays between noon-2 PM MST. 

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Clean, Affordable, Eating


Tired of unhealthy fast food options? Look no further than SHÉ. Our local meal prep service provides healthy and affordable meals that cater to diabetics, athletes, and those who are health cautious. Our team is dedicated to delivering meals that are both nutritious and delicious, so you can reach your health goals without sacrificing taste.

Who We Are

We make healthy eating affordable for all and we cater to every and anyone who desires light clean eating. Our uniqueness stems from who we are as individuals, catering to the diabetic, to the athlete, to the person who just wants to eat healthy but not break their wallet. Our menu is unique in what we provide,  catering to the vegan, vegetarian, meat lover, to the track athlete and to the diabetic. Our menu has a list of creative names offered at an affordable price. 


The outcome of SHÉ is that people  will  want to eat healthy, come off of diabetic medication, which will help with longevity of life and understand that eating healthy does not have to be at a high expense. We desire to see people set free. People will also see that having portioned meals at an affordable price pays off in the long run with weight loss, eating more healthy at an affordable manner and getting off of different medications: such as diabetes medicine, high blood pressure, insulin, etc. 


We have no competition, because we are unique in and of our own selves. SHÉ: Specialized Healthy Eats, is in a league all by itself, offering top notch service and food to be served. We are open to new ideas and value what our customers have to say through our suggestion box via online and or in person. SHÉ is a one stop shop, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert all at an affordable cost. 

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Who Are We
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